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About Us

Who We Are
Salud Que Transforma is a cristian organization that was founded in octuber 2005 by doctor Erick Estrada and doctor Mike Soderling. It was created based on the idea of this doctors of integral good news. Mike and Erick think that the people that have God´s peace in their hearts are less likely to get sick and when they do they heal quikly. This work started when doctor Erick visited several villages in southern part of Guatemala taking care of patients in homes, schools and churches, then they stablished a formal organization that meets the requiremets of Guatemala. Nowadays we work in southern part of Guatemala (Palín) and in the mountain of the Ixil tiangle (Quiché). Our work has been extended in so many ways that we give health education, deworming, and fluoride aplication. We have a training school for health education in the mountains, we keep giving medical care in the small villages. We are teaching educational bible school in a school of village named Cortijo in southern part of Guatemala. Cortijo has becomed for us a very special village because there we are bilding our first clinic; In september 2009 we opend to the people in Cortijo the first floor of clinic, now we are bilding the second floor. (EBEN-EZER, Up to this point the Lord has helped us. 1 Samuel 7:12). We hope the Lord will give us an ophthalmology clinic, dental clinic, family medicine and an obstetrician clinic.

Providing you with the best Doctors and Nurses

Dr. Erick Estrada

Executive Director

Dr. Esdras Isai


Miriam De Leon

Administrative Manager

Auri Colindres

Nurse And Dental Asistence

Norma Cuin


Marta Perez


WhatsApp Image 2020-05-07 at 10.07.14 AM
Juan Miguel 

Licenciado en Teologia 

WhatsApp Image 2020-05-08 at 10.39.09 AM
Ana Lucia Garcia


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