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Our Work 2023

It is an honor for us to present the SQT Health Services project, an initiative born out of commitment and a vision to be a beacon of hope for those who need it most. In our hands, we have the privilege to offer a variety of medical services in different areas, thanks to God's blessings, including general medicine, prenatal care, dentistry, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, optometry, and pregnancy support.

Our Services: In this project, we take pride in highlighting the diversity of services we provide to address the comprehensive needs of the community. From prenatal care to dental services, our mission is to address existing health disparities and provide quality services that, in many cases, are not available through other organizations.

SQT's Vision: SQT aspires to be more than a medical services organization; our vision focuses on being a Christian entity committed to the well-being of older individuals, those in situations of limited resources, and those lacking access to essential health services. We believe that every individual deserves quality healthcare, regardless of their economic situation.

SQT's Mission: Our mission is clear and fundamental. We commit to providing comprehensive healthcare in critical areas such as geriatrics, dentistry, physiotherapy, and optometry, as well as encompassing pediatrics, nutrition, education, and necessary treatments. We particularly focus on serving people in low-income communities, where barriers to accessing quality healthcare are more pronounced.

This project is not just a manifestation of our desire to heal bodies but to restore hopes and transform lives. We invite each of you to join us in this noble endeavor, as every support we receive is a step closer to realizing our vision and mission.

Thank you for considering being part of SQT Health Services, where each act of generosity contributes to a significant change in the health and well-being of those we serve.


Nutrition Program

Within the framework of our comprehensive children's program, we are dedicated to ensuring the well-rounded development of the young minds in our care. Our nutrition program not only focuses on providing essential nourishment but goes beyond, offering academic support and instilling valuable principles and values in our kids.

Through meticulously crafted initiatives, we strive to create an environment where children not only receive nutritious meals but also engage in educational activities tailored to their needs. This includes academic support to enhance their learning experiences, fostering a holistic approach to their growth.

Moreover, our commitment extends beyond the classroom, as we integrate teachings on principles and values into their daily lives. We believe in nurturing not only their physical well-being but also their moral and ethical foundations, aiming to empower them for a brighter and more promising future.

In essence, our nutrition program is a testament to our dedication to the overall development of the children we serve, ensuring they receive not just sustenance but a robust foundation for lifelong success.


Scholarship Program

Through our scholarship program, we provide educational opportunities to children and youth with very limited resources. We support students in primary school, secondary school, university, and technical programs. We hope to extend our support to more children and youth next year.

In our scholarship program, we have students from primary, secondary, and university levels. Some of them come from very distant communities such as Xaibe, Belize, Tzetun Playa Grande Quiche, and Salquil Grande Quiche. All of them reside in the Estrada family's home, as they come from places that are 12 to 16 hours away. Others live with their families, who have very few resources, and due to their poverty, they are unable to cover the costs of their education.


Social Service

The Estrada family's home becomes a beacon of hope for many individuals from different places and countries seeking treatment for cancer, surgeries, and assistance with serious health issues. In response to the extreme poverty of these individuals, the Estrada family not only provides shelter but also offers transportation and essential meals during their stay.

Furthermore, our commitment to social service extends beyond borders, reaching out to those fleeing war, poverty, and suffering in their home countries. We are dedicated to providing comfort, counseling, and food support to migrants, offering a helping hand amidst their challenges. This service not only addresses their immediate needs but also aims to provide a glimmer of hope in times of extreme difficulty.


It is with great satisfaction that we present our annual report on healthcare statistics, highlighting the achievements and dedication of our team throughout the year 2023. Our mission to provide comprehensive healthcare services has left a significant mark on the community, and these figures reflect the positive impact we have had on many lives.

Total Patients Treated: 16,487

Gender Distribution:

  • Female: 10,616

  • Male: 5,871

Age Distribution:

  • 0 to 1 year: 14

  • 2 to 5 years: 162

  • 6 to 20 years: 1,043

  • 21 to 40 years: 1,974

  • 41 to 60 years: 3,920

  • Over 60 years: 9,374

These figures transcend mere statistics; they represent stories of hope, recovery, and community support. Our projection for the year 2023 has not only been met but exceeded our expectations, thanks to the collective effort of our team, collaborators, and the community we serve.

As we move forward, we reaffirm our commitment to remain a pillar of quality healthcare, responding to changing needs and contributing to the overall well-being of those we have the privilege to serve. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to continuing to make a positive difference in the years to come!

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